How To Create A Marketing Plan For Airbnb

It’s no longer enough to get a great visitor experience to drive greater occupancy. Once you’ve decided on an Airbnb marketing strategy, it’s time to practice. More than half of small and medium-sized businesses have a marketing strategy, according to the Search Engine Journal. A further half of small company owners have no idea where to start.

Then, what is the best way to come up with an Airbnb marketing strategy that works? Learn about some of the best short-term rental marketing methods in this post.

Begin by Developing a Personal Brand.

Your brand is your first-line defense when it comes to standing out in a busy market. For long-term retaining customers and trust, effective Airbnb marketing relies on a well-known brand’s recognition. If you have a distinct brand for your vacation rental house, your guests are more likely to remember it. The next time they need your services, they will be able to find you more quickly. Create a company name and a logo to help in the creation of your brand. Your business name and logo should be used on all of your social media platforms in order to optimize your Airbnb digital marketing strategy.

Airbnb On Facebook

Recent research shows that 52% of travelers use social media for location suggestions before planning a trip. Your vacation rental business can benefit from advertising on Facebook since 42% of posts are about travel.

Each of your Airbnb properties will require a Facebook business page. Set up a connection between your new page and the vacation rental listings on your website.

Promoting your short-term rentals through the Facebook sharing of travel-related content is a great approach to gaining exposure. In this part, you could find information on where to go, what to do, and what sights to see in your area.

Finally, Facebook allows you to run advertisements. Using sponsored advertising campaigns, you may raise awareness of your company, encourage participation, and get new fans. A sponsored ad campaign and the costs associated with boosting your post will be clearly shown on your company page on Facebook.

Airbnb On YouTube

Make a Channel on the Video-Sharing Website, YouTube Search engine is second only to Google in terms of popularity. There are about 1.9 billion users across the world who use YouTube to watch videos.

Creating a YouTube account to promote your business is a smart move. As part of your YouTube marketing strategy, you should create videos that showcase your products. 

 Your visitors will appreciate your efforts if you provide them with useful and fascinating information. For example, make a movie called Hello to entice visitors to your locality. 


Instagram is now the world’s most popular social networking site. For those that want to reach a younger audience, this is a great tool. Every day, Instagram is used by more than 500 million people across the world. Instagram is the place to be if you want to connect with millennials and Generation Z travelers.

Using an app to create great Instagram content may save you both money and effort. You don’t want to disgrace your visitors when it comes to photo editing, don’t go crazy.

Experiment with different types of content on the platform. In addition to the normal articles and stories, it now has IGTV videos. There are several ways to implement each of them:

Stories of Airbnb

Save items you want to read later in a Highlights collection. Short-lived content, such as an image or video, can be added to a user’s profile via this function. In order to build a library of stories that can be re-watched at any time, Highlights allow you to do so.

For example, you might use Stories to document the progress of your home’s repairs or new construction. They can be grouped into Highlights based on their topics, such as nearby attractions and interesting activities.

Reels of Airbnb

Is there a bathtub at the rental house you’re renting? Create a reel that will entice people to find out more or make reservations! Similar to Stories, reels may be used to keep track of current events or to promote a specific selling point of your rental property.

Instagram currently lists Reels under “User recommendations” so that users may quickly find them.


Although Airbnb advertising is important, you can only go so far without the proper property management tools. A vacation rental is commonly known as your company’s daily operations, enabling you to focus on important tasks. Because of this, you will be able to dedicate 70% of your time to duties like marketing and company expansion.