The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Instagram Likes and Views


Do you wish you had more likes on your Instagram posts? Continue reading below. With Instagram’s new option to conceal the amount of likes on a post, companies are beginning to wonder if the function will have any effect at all.

The answer is an emphatic yes; increasing your number of Instagram views is a key component in rising to the top of the explore page and establishing credibility for your company. It’s a sign of increased interest in and exposure to your brand.

If you want more people to read your blog, you’ll find some useful advice below.

What Is The Significance Of Instagram Likes?

As a result, the quantity of one’s Instagram followers is a common yardstick by which its users assess the performance of their accounts. Yet, more and more Instagram users are resorting to buying false followers. Because of this, interaction is now more crucial than ever to win over potential partners, businesses, and even your audience.

Instagram’s own acknowledgement of the significance of likes demonstrates just how vital they are to the platform. According to Instagram’s “How Instagram Works” website, the Likes users give posts are one of the variables used to determine which posts will appear in a user’s feed.

Instagram likes are one indicator that may give you a good notion of which posts are doing the best. You may adjust your content strategy and post varieties based on what you learn about what’s doing well and what isn’t.

When someone finally comes upon your company, what do you want to happen? How can you get people to trust your company when there are millions of other Instagram profiles just like theirs? Participation is a key element. More Instagram views means more people are seeing that other people like your brand.

Views improve your reels post’s visibility in the explore area, which in turn brings more people to your page and, presumably, more conversions, in addition to the more intangible benefits like social proof they provide.

Where Can I Find More Instagram Followers?

Time The Release Of Your Instagram Posts Properly

When sharing content on Instagram, why is the idea of time so crucial?

The Instagram algorithm is the key to understanding the situation. Although Instagram’s algorithm does not strictly prioritize the most recent content, it does give preference to it. What’s more, it’s not only about the total amount of views you get on Instagram, but also about how quickly you get them. The easiest way to ensure you never miss the optimal time to publish on Instagram is to first determine when it is, and then plan your posts accordingly.

You need in-depth audience information to determine the best moment to post on Instagram. Consider things like “When time of day do you receive the greatest engagement on your posts?” and “When is your audience most likely to notice your post?”

In any case, you can only get so far by relying on assumptions. Rather than trying to figure out when you should post on Instagram on your own, you could use a trusted and inexpensive service like Pally. The tool may be adjusted to determine the optimal time of day for posting in order to maximize interaction.

Use Of Hashtags

Using relevant hashtags for your company and sector is one of the simplest methods to increase your Instagram following. Because of the wide audience that hashtags may reach, it can be tempting to utilize a bunch of widely-used hashtags. But, doing so increases the likelihood that your posts will be lost in the shuffle within a few seconds.

Maintaining a mix of widely used and less ubiquitous but still relevant hashtags is a sound tactic. The best Instagram hashtags may be discovered in a few different ways:

Analyze your competition by looking at the hashtags they are using. If you want to know what approaches are successful in your field, this might be a helpful indicator. You need not use the same hashtags that everyone else does. If you don’t want to compete for the same audience, you may use the information you gathered to find new hashtags to use instead. You may use this equipment to your advantage while researching the competition.

Examine the content that your audience is sharing on Instagram to learn more about them. This might help you determine which hashtags they are most engaged with. An Excel tally sheet is a quick and easy way to compile a list of hashtags and choose the one that gets the greatest engagement with your target audience.

Hashtags relevant to your content’s subject matter – Find the most popular hashtags by using Instagram’s search function. Just type in your primary term and click “Tags” beneath the Search button to narrow your results. If “Travel” is your search term, click the “Tags” button to view the associated hashtags.

While analyzing the landscape of your market, you should keep an eye out for influential figures that reach your target demographic but aren’t your direct rivals. By paying attention to what your target audience is reading, watching, listening to, etc., you can easily identify the most influential people in your niche. Look at the hashtags they’re using to get an idea of their interests.

Using Analytics To Determine Effectiveness

Always assessing your progress is crucial to making progress on Instagram. With it, you can figure out which strategies are productive (and not). It’s possible that your reels are doing better with less words in the captions, or that people respond better to postings with shorter subtitles. You may adjust your Instagram approach based on the results to put more energy into the tactics that are helping your brand.

Get specific data on how your posts are doing using Instagram Analytics. Analytics keeps tabs on a wide variety of KPIs for you. For a detailed breakdown of your account’s metrics, please refer to the following:


Any information pertaining to your target demographic may be found in the “Audience” section. Here’s how you can leverage the information on your Instagram followers, from their demographics to their locations, to get more likes:

Expansion of Followers: Here You’ll Get a Breakdown of Your Follower Count. Take use of this feature to identify the sorts of posts that resulted in a surge in your number of followers.

Understanding the demographics of your audience, such as their age and gender, will help you craft more interesting content. For a younger demographic, for instance, you may make memes and GIFs that they can relate to. Use this to see if you’re reaching your intended audience or if your reach has been diluted.

Top locations and active time – Posting at a better time based on where your audience is located and when they are online. Also, if your target audience is geographically limited, you might focus on events happening close to home.


How your followers are interacting with you may be viewed under the “Activity” menu. Within this area, the most crucial indicators are:

How your target demographic discovers you is crucial. This part also tells you if your readers are paying attention. If your posts are generating views but no likes or comments, you may be posting to the incorrect audience or utilizing the wrong hashtags.

The “Content” tab may be used to see which of your posts are generating the most engagement. Reels, photos, and videos may all be sorted separately, as can other data like likes, comments, clicks, engagement rate, and total views. If you want to boost your number of likes, you should examine the articles that have received the most feedback. Learn to recognise a trend and incorporate it into your future writing.

Make Usage Of GedContentTags

Location tags (also known as Geotags) significantly increase the exposure of your content to a wider audience. Including a location in your postings can help them be seen by those seeking for something very particular in and near that area.

Assuming the standard of your articles remains constant, the boost in page views should result in a rise in Instagram likes and, maybe, new followers. Choose the “Add Location” menu item during the publishing process to include geotag information in your message. Improve the exposure of your Instagram Stories by using a location sticker.

Engaging content may be boosted with the help of memes and trends if you utilize them wisely. In addition to being more approachable, they also increase the story’s intrigue. To provide just one example, a meme gained so much traction that it was adopted by the White House in its advocacy for immigration reform. Meme marketing may have such an effect.

Learn From The Best Instagram Accounts

You shouldn’t limit your research to the top-performing pieces in your own area; also consider the top-performing posts in related themes. Doing so will make your product more noticeable in the marketplace.

Just Googling for popular companies or keywords can lead you to these accounts. To assist its consumers in selecting the most appropriate product for their needs, Glossier, for instance, employs a straightforward decision tree structure.

Caption Your Photos With Flair

When you’re busy making attention-grabbing images, don’t forget to give some thought to the captions. Fohr found that the average length of an Instagram caption has increased since 2016. When influencers and companies realized how effective long-form captions could be at connecting with their audiences, it quickly became one of the year’s most talked-about trends. An attention-grabbing caption can increase the number of people who view your postings. There will be a greater likelihood of a double-tap from them if they are actively involved.

Involve Your Listeners

By interacting with them, you may not only increase your popularity but also develop a true bond with your followers. So, the success of your brand on Instagram is highly dependent on the interaction with your audience, regardless of the Instagram algorithm.

Within the first half an hour to an hour after posting a post, be careful to respond to any comments that have been left on it. The reason for this is that people are twice more likely to remark on your post. In addition, your article will benefit from the high level of interaction it receives in the first hour.

In addition, demonstrate your humanity by responding to their comments and questions. Share photographs of you and your team hard at work generating content for your followers, ask questions and conduct polls via Instagram stories, and more to give your fans a glimpse into the creative process.

Use Instagram’s Story Function

Instagram Stories, in contrast to feed posts, are shown in reverse chronological order, increasing the likelihood of your content being seen by a wider audience through the use of Stories. If you want more people to see your original feed post, you may utilize Instagram Stories to your advantage. Try coming up with some creative methods to hint at your post on your Stories. To pique the interest of your followers, you may, for instance, embellish your message with relevant GIFs or stickers. Instagram stories, as we discussed in our last tactic, are a terrific tool for interacting with your target market. Individual followers can be singled out, questions posed, polls and quizzes made, etc.