6 Reasons Why User Not Found Instagram problem occurs

Instagram has become the most popular social media platform in the world. Several people around the world use Instagram to connect with their friends, family, and office colleagues. Instagram has plenty of attractive features allowing them to communicate with friends.

Instagram allows its users to follow each other, share their posts, videos, and stories, as well as chat with the users through direct messaging (DM).

Have you come across “”User not found Instagram” message while searching for someone on Instagram? If you’re trying to search for a user on the Instagram search box but ended up receiving the message “User not found Instagram,” you may have gone through this situation. This issue can happen due to various reasons. In this article, we’re going to see the reasons for the user not found Instagram error.

What does “user not found Instagram” mean

User not found Instagram means that the particular user isn’t available on Instagram either temporarily or permanently. There are several reasons for this issue on Instagram. What follows are considered some of the significant reasons and solutions for the “users not found Instagram” error.

Does the user not found mean blocked Instagram?

The user may have blocked your account if you find the following details in their account,

  • No post yet
  • No details in the bio section
  • Can’t see the followers and following numbers
  • Can’t see the mutual followers

But this is not the only reason. There are several reasons for this issue; for example, a change in the username, a user may have deleted the account, or Instagram might ban the user.

Change in the Username

Instagram allows its users to change their usernames whenever they want. When the user changes the username of their Instagram account, the previous username will no longer be available on Instagram. If you search the old username, you’ll receive a message, “User not found Instagram.” People tend to change their usernames due to very few people noticing their profile and low popularity. Of course,  using attractive usernames will help you to gain impressions among the users. But instead of changing the username, they could explore how to get impressions on Instagram to kickstart reach. 

Disabling the account

Users not found Instagram notice will appear if the user has chosen to disable the account to take a break from Instagram temporarily for personal reasons like to concentrate on studies or sports or their career, and receiving abusive messages is another reason why some users disable their account on Instagram. So, they prefer to leave Instagram for a short period and come back whenever they want. Instagram will not send any notification or message to other users regarding this issue.

Mis-typed the Username

User not found Instagram message may appear, even if you made an error in the particular username’s spelling. So it would be best to cross-check the username before typing in the Instagram search box to avoid this problem.

Instagram may remove the specific user

Instagram has all the rights to ban or remove an account from Instagram. The user may violate the terms and conditions of Instagram or receive an order from a higher authority to remove a particular account from Instagram. Other users may report a specific account because the content violates Instagram rules and regulations. That is also why we see the user not found Instagram error message.

Deleting the account

User not found Instagram messages appear if the user has deleted their Instagram account permanently. The username gets permanently removed on Instagram, and the user account will no longer be available on Instagram. That specific username is now available to everyone, which means anyone can use this Username on Instagram. They cannot retrieve this account and are unable to use the particular username because another user may take it. 

The user may have blocked your account

Suppose a particular user blocked your Instagram account; you cannot see their account when you search for their username in the search box. You’ll receive a message: User not found Instagram. You can check with your friends if they can view the particular account. It is confirmed that the specific user has blocked your Instagram account for privacy purposes.

Using outdated app

Using an old version of the Instagram application may result in this problem. So you need to update the application periodically to avoid this problem.

How to fix user not found Instagram?

There is no proper way to fix this user not found Instagram problem. But you can avoid the mistakes when you search for a user.

Correct Username

 Type the Username correctly without any mistake to avoid this problem. If you type an incorrect username, then you cannot find the particular Instagram account.

Use Instagram DM 

Try to message them through Instagram DM. If you don’t receive any response for longer, the user has blocked your account. So try to contact the user on another social media platform.


I hope the above article helped you to know more about the “User not found Instagram” issue, and I have listed six primary reasons why the “User not found Instagram” problem occurs. But Instagram displays this notice to enhance the user’s privacy, and there is no official way to view the “User not found Instagram” Account.